Jordan World Circus Act

Show Girls
*NEW 2017 ACT* Show Girls. Click here to see these amazing women! ... Read More


Web Aerial Display
*NEW 2017 ACT* Web Aerial Display. Click here to see this amazing act! ... Read More


Saturn Garcia - Wheel
*NEW 2017 ACT* Saturn Garcia Wheel! ... Read More


Saturn Garcia - Cannon Ball
*NEW 2017 ACT* Saturn Garcia Cannon Ball! ... Read More


Larry Carden - Elephants
*NEW 2017 ACT* Larry Carden and his Elephants ... Read More


Saturn Garcia - Globe
*NEW 2017 ACT* Saturn Garcia and her Globes ... Read More


Adam Burck - Tigers
A fourth generation performer, Adams deep respect and compassion for the animal kingdom began in his childhood ... Read More

Karen Houcke - Mix Animals
*NEW 2017 ACT* Click here to these amazing animals!... See More

Belko The Clown
These clowns are sure to have you laughing! Click here to See More

* Acts change among show places